So, I'm alive and stuff.

You'd think I'd make more of an effort to post here, considering the amount of time I spend talking about the vapidity of Twitter and Facebook. Apparently, I'm too lazy for acts of defiance.

So, here's a summary of the shit that's gone down since my last post.

- I'm still alive. This is obvious by the fact I'm sitting here enjoying Tonkotsu and posting in Livejournal. Dead folks aren't known for doing either.

- Still happily with mechanicaltears. :)

- I changed jobs over the summer, and now work in the International district doing roughly the same job for a different game developer. It's hard on my wallet with International Model Toy and Kinokuniya less than a block away... but easy on the eyes for other reasons.

- RIP, Annabelle.

- I'm thinking of starting an Otaku blog, because it sounds fun and I need a writing project.

- Speaking of Otaku, I've become addicted to Boku wa Tomodochi ga Sukunai. You should check it out. Seriously.

So, yeah... that's about it. Actually, it's not, but my Tonkotsu's getting cold.

What's up with you people?
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Happy Birthday, Canucks!

On 0ct 9th, 1970 the Vancouver Canucks played their 1st ever NHL game against the Los Angeles Kings. (for those not in the mood for a preview of this season's festivities, you can just skip to the 2min mark for the musical tribute)

"Speaking from the tongue of an experienced simpleton."

Addiction can be a funny thing.

For example, over a year ago now (53 weeks ago, to be exact) I dropped the last remnants of a camel light on the sidewalk and stepped on it. It was, at least so far, the last cigarette I would ever smoke. I spent that weekend drinking a lot of water and sleeping off the withdrawal, but once that was done I pretty much moved on with my life without really thinking about it.

At this point, I rarely recall that I ever smoked at all. I'll be sitting there playing Call of Duty and be like "Wow, shit... I used to smoke... that's weird". It was a virtually seamless transition, almost disconcertingly so for something that's normally so difficult.

So, you'd think that simply changing a fucking channel would be way easy, right? No. See, this is the addiction I continue to struggle with. An addiction that, unlike drugs or alcohol, carries no real stigma, but does a lot of damage to one's health and relationships with other people.

I speak of an addition to politics.

Recently, on facebook, I made a status update linking the addiction to nicotine to politics. The more I think about it, the more I think it's apt. It's expensive, harmful, and hard to stop. Those that do it often relish taunting those who don't, and rarely see the bigger picture of the damage they're doing to the world. Now, I'm not talking about people who vote, or identify with one party or the other but are otherwise sane. I'm talking those who are in. The hardcore, pipe-hittin' FOX/MSNBC watching motherfuckers for whom this has become their lives. For whom EVERYTHING is viewed through the lens of Keith Olbermann's latest special comment, or Glenn Beck's chalkboard scribblings. They heap incendiary rhetoric on the alien "other", but quite often fail to see they are the same.

And as much as these rage junkies profess seething hatred for the other side, they have a symbiotic relationship that's painfully obvious to anyone who stopped fuming long enough to notice the sadistic glee with which right-wingers troll huffpo, and the same emotion liberals employ playing "concern victim" on newsmax. This "enemies of freedom" is just bullshit. Websites employing the same deceptive tactics play to one of the two sides... "left" and "right" publishers are often subsidiaries of the same parent company churning out hundreds of "Did you KNOW that THEY are THE ENEMY?" tomes every month.

What's the saddest thing about all this? It isn't really necessary. These people wallow in a death-obsessed paranoid anti-utopia for no real fucking reason. It's their negative hateful world and it's a fantasy. The country isn't about to be taken over by the radical right, or the radical left. Neither party can crack 50% approval, and neither side's pundits can regularly break the 2 million viewer mark. No, seriously, for a goof I encourage you all to read a flame war between politicos using "Keith Vs. Beck's Ratings" to prove their ideological supremacy. Then, take those ratings, put them together and compare them to Desperate Housewives. Hell, run them against Battlestar Galactica's season 2 ratings. Yet, these pricks think they're fighting for the future of the human race. When in truth, more and more people are sick and disgusted with the entire thing.

Now, this is not to say that I have abandoned my ideals. I am, of course, strongly progressive and would never deny there are dangers in our society. But I've come to a point where I feel that to immerse oneself in this bullshit is enable the problem, not find the solution. The cable news slimefest, the two parties owned by the same multinationals, the deceptive partisan websites. It's all nonsense. The American political rage industry does not exist to inspire, engage, or enlighten. It exists to divide, demonize, and turn gallons and gallons of venom into buckets and buckets of cash.

Anyway, this is what I struggle with. Not reading Huffington post. Not watching MSNBC. It's weird that I find leaving this toxic, hateful environment behind so difficult. It's a self-imposed rehab, from which I've relapsed more times than I care to count. least I can take some comfort in the fact I realize that all of these people are douchebags. Just like I was finally able to admit smoking was a waste of time and money before I quit. It's a start, right?

Sometimes, talking helps us heal...

So, I get on the bus this morning.

It feels like a typical day. Unpleasantly hot, but otherwise nothing seems amiss.

Next stop after mine, this girl gets on. I notice she's kinda cute, but don't really think much of it after that. So, as the bus is crossing the bridge I'm looking around and I happen to notice that girl is doing something... her hand is hovering around the lower half of her face and her thumb is...

"Wait... is that...?" Yes, she was picking her nose. I look away, thoroughly grossed out, but yet there's this weird urge to look again... kind of a "No way! Did I REALLY just see that?" kinda thing. So I glance again... this time the bitch actually has that same thumb, no shit, in her fucking mouth. Seriously. WTF? Bitch sits there, picking her nose and eating it. Back and forth. Several times. I wish to God I was kidding.

I mean... just... ok, here:

that's pretty much how I've felt all. day.



From the Vancouver Observer:

City Hall is showing its support for the Vancouver Canucks hockey team as they enter the second round of the NHL playoffs by declaring tomorrow Canucks Day. The media is being invited tomorrow to join Mayor Robertson and Council, Canucks Sports and Entertainment owner Francesco Aquilini, President and General Manager Mike Gillis and Chief Operating Officer Victor de Bonis to an event commemorating the day.

Naturally, I find this hilarious because April 27th, in addition to being "Canucks Day", is also my birthday.

So, I'm going to make the most of this by saying it's Vancouver's Birthday present to me. *nods* ;)

Now that that's out of the way, I leave you with this: